Hastings Sustainable Fishing Fleet

In 2014 the Hastings Fishermen’s Protection Society developed a video to tell and educate people about their sustainable fishing methods. The boats of fishing fleet based in Hastings are all under 10 meters in length and have to be launched from the beach.

Watch the video

They often leave very early in the morning and come back around noon, depending on the weather and the tides. It is truly interesting to visit the beach and see the boats being pulled up on the beach.

The area is called the Stade and behind the beach there are plenty of opportunities to learn about our fishing heritage, buy some of the freshly landed catch and/or enjoy some local seafood in one of the many restaurants.

Why not plan a visit now or join the fishermen on 19/20 September 2015 on the Stade at the annual Seafood and Wine Festival.


hastings boat on beach