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9 Green Lane, Gosport, Hampshire PO12 4LP, UK

Hi, my name is Ted and I have over 40 years' experience fishing sea bass and, in the winter, oysters. Standards are of paramount importance to me and I expect the highest standards of product and of cleanliness by crew members on my boat. I have RFS accreditation and all bass is line caught and stored on ice as soon as caught to ensure these standards are met. I do everything possible to ensure my fish reaches you in pristine condition.

I am also supportive of any initiatives to protect our local environment. To that end I am part of the Overfalls Group which was put together to provide a focus for all those who have an interest in the Overfalls area and to promote understanding, conservation and responsible use of its natural resources.

The Overfalls is the name given to a series of bank features located approximately 12 nautical miles south of the entrance to Chichester Harbour in the outer eastern approaches to the Solent. If you would like to know more please take a look at www.theoverfallsgroup.org.

Please contact me directly on 07809 026995 to buy my tagged bass (tag no. SE005), I can arrange delivery to you.