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36 East Street, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 9PB, UK

Fishy Fishy Seafood Brasserie, a relaxed, informal, predominantly seafood led dining experience in Brighton promoting fresh, local and seasonal seafood.

With its focus on all day dining, a relaxed atmosphere and its simple décor including our heated conservatory and outside dining area. We offer a memorable dining experience.

We appreciate the market is demanding simple local produce and unhurried service with dishes dominated by fresh fish and seafood, as well as meat and vegetarian options.

Private dining rooms are available Monday to Thursday on separate floors of our Grade II listed 18th Century townhouse for up to 22 as a sit down meal or 30 as a standing canapé event.

We love fish at Fishy Fishy - so much that we named our restaurant twice, but we still want there to be some fish left for future generations so we source all our fish and seafood from responsible sources.

We work closely with our suppliers to make sure the fish we serve are caught in the least wasteful way. This means using hook and line-caught fish, pot-caught seafood or fish caught in tidal gill nets with big holes in them, so they only catch the larger fish and let the small ones through.

We serve fish and seafood that’s mainly caught in the English Channel and when it’s in season. That’s why there’s no cod on the menu in the summer or lobster in the winter.  You will never see tuna or red snapper on our menu because we don’t believe you should import fish from other countries when we have perfectly good alternatives here.

We avoid using fish that are being over-stretched. So you may be a little surprised at some of the fish in the fish pie or even the fish and chips. Who knew that trigger fish tasted so good?  And huss may look a little weird, but it batters up perfectly.

Finally, we may not always have everything on the menu.  Sometimes the fish don’t bite or come late into season or are not big enough for us to feel comfortable about buying them.  It’s the price we pay trying to do the right thing and we’ll always do our best to have an alternative.