Fin and Flounder Local Catch

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71 Broadway Market, London E8 4PH, UK

Enjoy our concept in modernising and bringing back your local fishmonger. Our passion is to open your eyes to the delights of eating fresh fish and the nostalgia of what we all remember as children when walking past a fishmonger window.

We pride ourselves on the quality of the produce we sell and service we provide. Knowledgeable staff with a real passion for what they sell and how to get the best taste from your purchase. We hope to provide you with all the necessary ingredients to produce good quality fish dishes.

Enjoy our pick of locally caught fish from the coastline, great selection of wines that complement your dishes, herbs, spices and other deli items that will complete your shopping experience.

Don't be scared to ask questions on how you would like your fish prepared. Our staff will gladly advise you on which method would be best depending on how you are going to cook your dish.

We also have a market stall on Broadway market which sells hot food and also a seafood shack in Netil market.

We arrange supper clubs, oyster openings and have been known to attend the odd festival.

Open Tuesday to Friday 10.00 to 6.30 Saturday 9.00 to 5.00 Monday & Sunday Closed