Conwy Mussels Local Catch

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The Quay, Conwy, Conwy, LL32 8BB

For 200 years we have believed in a simple, traditional way of mussel gathering. Our mussel men still hand-rake wild mussels from small wooden boats – a practice passed down through three generations. The Conwy mussel industry has been around for a long time. In fact, not so many years ago over 90 fishermen worked on the Conwy River fishing for mussels.

Known for their colourful shells and rich tasting meat, Conwy Mussels are simply the best flavoured mussels in the UK - because our mussels are sustainably hand-raked from where they naturally form on the seabed they are larger in size, meatier and have a distinctive taste that rope grown mussels just don’t possess.

Despite increased competition from dredged and rope grown mussels and changes to purification regulations, the way we fish for mussels remains unchanged.